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The Society was formed in 1958, fifty one years ago, by seven keen gardeners and named “Dunvant Horticultural Society”  also known as “Ebenezer Gardening Society”.

Originally meetings were held in the Old Community Centre and in the Chapel Vestry.

The Community centre was destroyed by fire in the 1970s and was  re-built in 1974

The first Chairman was Alex McCarthy, Secretary Joe Jeffreys and Treasurer Bernard Daniels - the only Founder Member of the Society still alive - and who is still an active member of the Society.

The Society has  had three Presidents since its inception - Arthur Thomas (Bingfield)  David Strawbridge (of the well-known Bakery Family ) and his son  Ken Strawbridge, our current President.

There were also long-serving Secretaries namely, Joe Jeffreys 1959 to 1979 and Geoff & Pamela Phillips, joint Secretaries from 1986 to 2000, with Pamela continuing until 2006.

Ken Roberts, a Founder Member, served as  Chairman from 1984 to 2000.

In the early days It was decided to have two Shows per year, a Spring Show and a Summer Show.

The Show has been held in various Venues over the years, namely at the:–

Old Hall - with Members on their knees scrubbing the floor the evening before the Show.

Old Parish Hall.

Chapel Vestry.

Scout Hut and for many years Dunvant School.

The Show moved to its present venue, the Dunvant Community Centre, in 1985. This has proved very successful.

Officers of the Society were involved in the making of Gardening Videos for Morriston Hospital, for both long and short-term patients.  

Programmes were filmed in Members Gardens, Swansea Parks Department, Singleton Park, Clyne Gardens, Plantasia and also Local Flower Shows.

Approximately, four hundred and fifty 20 minute Programmes were produced.

(We will look into the prospect of making these programmes available on this web site.)

Dunvant Horticultural Society, with over 300 members, is special in many ways.  Its aim is to fulfil the needs of local people interested in acquiring knowledge of plant cultivation and care and  give members the opportunity to see and learn what type of plants and vegetables etc., can be cultivated in their gardens.  

This is achieved though the varied Programmes it arranges each year, not only in monthly meetings, but by arranging visits to various parts of the UK and also Europe (Holland, Belgium, Germany and France).  

All these activities call for hard-work and team work, Dunvant Horticultural Society has these qualities in their:–

General Committee and the Ladies Committee, who put in a lot of time and effort for the benefit of the Society, all working towards the same gaol - success.

The Society aims to continue with its part in Village Life by carrying out the vision of the Founder Members.

Dunvant Horticultural Society